I started Unified Technologies after years of working in the technology field. I began to realize that there was a great need for someone that would actually work for the client and not try to use their lack of knowledge against them. I also felt like technicians were being taken advantage of by most technology companies. Their training is being exploited by companies to earn big profits with little appreciation.

At Unified Technologies, our technicians work with us, not for us. They make independent decisions and have the knowledge and power to assure that our clients are provided with 100% customer satisfaction. They are not under time constraints or unrealistic expectations. We provide them with support, state of the art tools, and training to make sure your business is running to its full potential.

I personally oversee all our clients. I am a college instructor with a degree in Business Systems Analysis. I instruct students on disaster recovery, IT security, Ethics, and Network configuration. I have been the “goto” guy for anything technology related my whole life and began programming and creating micro computers at the age of 15.

You can be assured that we will do what it takes to make your business technology work for you while keeping your investments low.